The role of SME in the process of integration

SweTurk and UNITEE jointly organized a major conference dedicated to Achievements and Challenges to Sweden’s Integration Policies-Focus on SMEs.

Swedish Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag has talked about Swedish perspective of integration. He said that there are many Swedish entrepreneurs with roots in Turkey who are central to our prosperity.

Other speakers were Staffan Nilsson President of the EESC, Gunilla Almgren from UEAPME and Anna Maria Corazza Bildt MP European Parliament.

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Strategic partnership between SweTurk and SUITS

SweTurk Federation was the strategic partner and co-founder of Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS).

SUITS is an exciting initiative and a special institute that can contribute towards a better understanding, dialogue and collaboration between Sweden and Turkey. SUITS is in a unique position to identify the scale and scope of possible areas of collaboration between Sweden and Turkey, enumerate current problems and opportunities affecting the relations between the two countries and develop practical and viable suggestions for policy making.

SUITS is an institute with great potential and can greatly contribute to both theory and practice when it comes to Swedish-Turkish relations. As a strategic partner, SweTurk has shared its suggestions and create collective wisdom that can guide SUITS in its future actions and strategies in the most effective and efficient way.

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