Conference on Business Networking

Conference on Business Networking by STBC Gothenburg to foster business relations between West Sweden and Turkey

Swedish-Turkish Business Cooperation (STBC) – a SWETURK member, organized a conference on Business Networking at Läppstiftet Konferens on November 14th, 2013. The title of the conference was: “Business Networking as a strengthful tool of B2B Marketing and Turkish model of Business Networking”. As the first large event organized in Gothenburg by STBC, this conference was aimed to shed the light on different aspects of business networking – such as important role of B2B networking in contemporary business world, specificities of business networking done by different type of organizations on different levels, and Turkish model of business networking and best practices.

Ulf LANDIN – Director International Relations of Business Region Göteborg made an opening speech and touched upon the business opportunities in Gothenburg region, the possibilities of increasing in import/export between Gothenburg and Turkey in future.

Afterwards, the speakers were invited to the panel and Mr. Adem KUMCU (President of UNITEE) – the moderator of the conference took the floor.

Mr. KUMCU talked about the importance of business networking, the activities carried out in this field throughout Europe and contribution of “new Europeans” to this tendency, and then invited the first speaker of the conference to the stage.


The first speech was made by Mrs. Maria THYLÉN from MiG – Marknadsföreningen i Göteborg (Gothenburg Marketing Association). Mrs. THYLÉN talked on “Marketing and Networking on the local level in Gothenburg” and explained how efficient business networking could be done both on local and international levels by providing examples from her personal professional life and MiG experience.

Mrs. Gunilla ALMGREN – Chairman of Företagarna Göteborg and President of UEAPME, delivered a speech on “Business relationships and networking among/with SMEs” by presenting very interesting and detailed information about peculiarities of business networking among and with SMEs in Europe.

Later on, Mr. Jesper ÖHRN – Head of International Department, Västsvenska Handelskammaren (West Sweden Chamber of Commerce) presented a speech on “International business network – developing global business”, which successfully addressed the interest of audience. Mr. ÖHRN talked about global business networking, brought interesting examples from real life experiences and gave tips on distinctive peculiarities of Swedish businesspeople.

Mrs. Fahriye Özlem NUDRALI – Foreign Trade Expert from Ministry of Economy (Republic of Turkey), talked on “Governmental support and challenges for B2B relationships with Turkey” – mentioned Turkey’s fast-growing economy during recent years, the contribution of governmental economic policy to this growth and the role of business networking in this term.

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STBC in cooperation with MiG, organised a business trip to Istanbul

SweTurk member Swedish-Turkish Business Cooperation (STBC) – a member of SWETURK, made a business trip to Istanbul in cooperation with Gothenburg Marketing Association (MiG – Marknadsföreningen i Göteborg).

The group consisted of 56 businessmen coming from 36 different companies based in Gothenburg and 3 persons from STBC. A very succesful partnership cooperation has been experienced between STBC and Turkish Businessmen and Industrials both during the organization of this trip and during the three days spent in Istanbul.

MiG/STBC Istanbul trip has started with the meetings with different companies and organizations. First, Mr. Jörgen Thelin and Ms. Kristina Soeiro – from Roxtec and Lindex respectively – the Swedish companies operating in Turkey, informed the participants from Gothenburg about the companies they represent, business environment peculiarities in Turkey, etc. The meeting went on in a very sincere atmosphere and ended with the presentation of gifts to the speakers and bilateral meetings.

Later on, the second speech was given by Mr. Ahmet Cüneyt Selçuk – Chief Project Manager of Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) which is a business body directly connected to the Prime Ministry of Republic of Turkey. Mr. Selçuk made a distinctively interesting presentation on the importance of Turkish economy on the global scale, country’s fast growing tendency which is not actual any more for many EU countries, attractive investment opportunities generated in Turkey for foreign companies and services the Agency can provide to potential investors. After answering questions of the businessmen from Gothenburg and receiving a present from MiG, Mr. Ahmet Cüneyt Selçuk left the floor for the final guest speaker.

Mr. Antoine Fanoun – Market Unit Mnager of “Business Sweden” or Swedish Trade & Invest Council (previously ExportRådet) gave a speech on Turkey’s economic progress during the recent years, the differences between Sweden and Turkey in terms of investment and trade regulations and experinces, distinguishing characteristics which sould be taken into consideration by new investors and how Business Sweden can assist the potential investors from Gothenburg in many different issues. The last meeting also concluded in a warm atmosphere by the presentation of a gift to Mr. Antoine Fanoun and bilateral meetings.

After the meetings, Secretary General of STBC – Fuad Mammadli exclusively presented the informational materials on Gothenburg’s business environment and potential attractive sectors for investment (presented by Göteborg Business Region, a business body directly connected with Gothenburg Municipality). Thus, the main purpose of the trip – presentation of Turkey to the business people from Gothenburg and promotion of Gothenburg to Turkish business community – was accomplished. Afterwards, a group of approximately 60 persons conducted a sightseeing tour in Istanbul.

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The role of SME in the process of integration

SweTurk and UNITEE jointly organized a major conference dedicated to Achievements and Challenges to Sweden’s Integration Policies-Focus on SMEs.

Swedish Minister for Integration Erik Ullenhag has talked about Swedish perspective of integration. He said that there are many Swedish entrepreneurs with roots in Turkey who are central to our prosperity.

Other speakers were Staffan Nilsson President of the EESC, Gunilla Almgren from UEAPME and Anna Maria Corazza Bildt MP European Parliament.

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Strategic partnership between SweTurk and SUITS

SweTurk Federation was the strategic partner and co-founder of Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies (SUITS).

SUITS is an exciting initiative and a special institute that can contribute towards a better understanding, dialogue and collaboration between Sweden and Turkey. SUITS is in a unique position to identify the scale and scope of possible areas of collaboration between Sweden and Turkey, enumerate current problems and opportunities affecting the relations between the two countries and develop practical and viable suggestions for policy making.

SUITS is an institute with great potential and can greatly contribute to both theory and practice when it comes to Swedish-Turkish relations. As a strategic partner, SweTurk has shared its suggestions and create collective wisdom that can guide SUITS in its future actions and strategies in the most effective and efficient way.

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